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19 August
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I'm a husband Cathie and father of three (well, four if you count Lucy who was still born)- Matthew James, Melissa Jane and Aaron Paul. That's what I am, what I seek to do well. Everything else is just sidelines.

I am a writer of considerable lack of success - although I have been both published and paid, and intend to be again. I suppose I am a fantasy writer, although fantasy of a particular, left handed sort.

I wish I was a musician - bass (number 1 son, Matthew, does that for me) or saxophone. I noodle on a guitar but couldn't carry a tune if you gave it to me in a Harrods bag.

I've been an SF fan for a long time - used to do fanzines - just getting back into it at the urging of my daughter (Melissa)

I read - but not as much as I used to 'cos I don't commute as much as I used to and handhelds and PDAs allow me to WRITE on the train. Cinema (used to write about films but stopped when I saw ALIEN), theatre - but not as much as I'd like, art, music. To not quite quote Rodney Crowell, I DO patronise the arts.

A Geordie who writes fantasy and likes country music (well, some of it) I guess that makes me a geek squared. Which is just about my shape.

I'm a fully paid up member of the Toon Army, although I never go to St James - I'm a jinx. This means I'm well acquainted with heartbreak. For Americans, I support my local football team - Newcastle United - and they never win anything. I'm a Bears fan too. Hey, who wants to watch winners?

I'm a ludicrous optimist - 54 years old and I still think things can only get better. I used to be in the money business. Now I investigate car accidents for an insurance company. I want to write full time.